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[06 Sep 2001|05:46pm]

i have a new journal.
it is at http://www.livejournal.com/users/geekus

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[06 Sep 2001|03:20pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

no doubt has a new cd coming out called rock steady
i am so excited woot woot
i love no doubt, they are so talented
december 18th is when it comes out
mark your calendars!

i still do not know when jimmy fallon's cd is coming out
will someone please tell me when it is, well if you know?
i must know right now
or i will explode


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[05 Sep 2001|03:50pm]
[ mood | moody ]

i hate periods
they totally suck
i wish we didn't have periods to begin with
but we have to have them
oh well
my sides hurt
i feel like crap
i am going to burst

why am i miserable?
i'm not
i'm just pissed


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exciting [04 Sep 2001|03:50pm]
[ mood | happy ]

i went to see jay and silent bob last night
it was a laugh riot
my bonzi buddy crashed my pc so i had to redownload everything
we don't have to take community showers in p.e. i found out today

i am drinking a cherry coke right now
i am listening to music
i am very happy now


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[03 Sep 2001|07:59am]

today i have been doing nothing much at all
i am seeing jay and silent bob today *finally*
it is labor day
so happy labor day to everyone

i downloaded bonzi buddy today
i got more wallpaper for my desktop
i watched the goonies last night
then i went to sleep

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[02 Sep 2001|04:37pm]

i miss him ;[

why must life be so hard?
why can't i see him again?
i hate my life
i want to see him again dammit!!!!!

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[02 Sep 2001|04:18pm]

kelly i apologize for the way i have been acting. i am just mad at myself for reasons. i get mad at other people when i don't mean it at all. i am mad at myself because i suck so please accept my apology. my life is just going down the drain every single second, minute, and day. i just can't explain it. i am sorry kelly.

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[02 Sep 2001|02:21pm]

anna is fagnostic
braden is fagnostic
val is fagnostic
everyone is fagnostic

let's go set the building on fire
and call everyone FAGNOSTIC!

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[02 Sep 2001|10:17am]

today sucks
tomorrow sucks
the next day will suck
i always suck

i am going to have to wait to see jay and silent bob till tomorrow i bet
i will never get a chance to see it
i might as well wait for dvd ;[

life sucks get used to it

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[01 Sep 2001|04:20pm]

i am not seeing jay and silent bob today
i am seeing it either sunday or monday
so this will be my last entry today
i am going to go buy the goonies on dvd ;]
i love that movie so i just have to get it

i will not share my candy bar.

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[01 Sep 2001|02:49pm]

when will it all fade away
these tears that live in our eyes
why must they be full of all these dreadful lies
if only i was not so lonely
i would have a great life

i can't strife for it all
but i recall
that he can
he ran away from it all
if only i could do the same as him

if he ran
so can i
i can fly to the heavens
and die there forever and ever

if only i were that clever

i love you <333 if only i actually knew who i do love.

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[01 Sep 2001|02:33pm]

i get to see jay and silent bob strike back today
someone named michelle on palace said it totally sucked
i am not going to believe a word she says from now on
she probably hated it because they had star wars stuff in it
no one in their right mind would hate a jay and silent bob movie
i will bring you more entries as the time passes by

oh and one more thing SNOOTCHIE BOOTCHIES

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[01 Sep 2001|02:11pm]

i want jimmy eat world and michelle branch's cd

Sum41 is exactly like Blink 182. I just think that Sum41 sucks and so does Blink 182. I am never going to listen to them at all. I only like one song by Sum41 and that is it. And only 3 by Blink 182. So just to let people know I do not listen to them a lot anymore.

val is my new bestfriend ;]

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[01 Sep 2001|01:22pm]

most attractive female: val and angelina jolie
most attractive male: jimmy fallon
actress you adore: drew barrymoore
actor you adore: joshua jackson
most annoying actress: julia stiles but she is a pretty good actress
most annoying actor: andrew keegan *yuck!*
favorite movie: star wars, girl interrupted
worst movie: i don't know
most attractive female voice: angelina jolie
most attractive male voice: jimmy fallon

band that makes you happiest when listening: no doubt
band that makes you cry: lifehouse
most annoying band: backstreet boys *eww*
worst band of all time: backstreet boys
most talented band: no doubt, 3 doors down, jimmy eat world, alien ant farm
worst shoe brand: rebok
best shoe brand: sketchers
reliable car brand: ford
worst car brand: i don't know

best compliment you received: that i'm a bitch ;]
worst comment: that my shoes smell good ;x
favorite living person in your life: jimmy fallon
person you can't stand in your life: britney spears
favorite celebrity: jimmy fallon
celebrity you can't stand: britney spears
biggest concern/worry in your life: why must i live like this?
least concern/worry in your life: school
happiest moment: when i first saw jimmy fallon
marital status: i shall marry jimmy fallon
what are you looking AT: my computer screen
do you want children: oscar and oliver *compliments to val*
do you have any pets: not anymore
do you have any piercings: my ears
do you have any tattoos: why would i have tattoos?
do you believe in christianity: i never go to church but i believe in it
do you believe in reincarnation: yeah
are you spiritual: if i'm in the mood

what do you find is the grossest thing in life: implants, smokers, beer drinkers ;x
what do you think of belching and farting: makes me laugh 24/7
worst habits you have: biting my nails, farting too much
most annoying habits of others: talking too much at home
how many hours do you spend on the internet: too many to count

do you watch television: yeah
how do you feel about our new president: he is really cool and weird
person you love most in your life: jimmy fallon
was this a good survey: i wouldn't say it was that good
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[01 Sep 2001|12:43pm]

i'm all that.
oh how cool am i?

happy birthday to my sister. <333

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[01 Sep 2001|08:41am]


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[31 Aug 2001|07:03pm]

I am sorry for not writing in my journal for a while. I haven't been online often because of school and getting a cable modem. I will probably not write in my journal as much as I have. So if you do not see any new entries just don't worry, nothing bad happened to me. I finally got my teeth fixed. All I need is the crown and some more fillings and I will be done. I can not wait to have all my teeth fixed. They will be shiny. So on to better things in my life. I hate my school, we have to take community showers in gym. I wish we didn't have to. Is Missouri the only messed up state in this world? I guess so. All the other states don't allow community showering in schools. Damn perverted freaks. Anyway I have good teachers, at least. Mostly dorks, but dorks are cool. Bunky was evicted on Big Brother last night. I am glad Will wasn't. Will is a cool and happening guy. I hope he wins it all. So basically that is all what has been happening around in my life so far. So I guess you can just go now. Bye.
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Alliyah. [27 Aug 2001|06:59am]

Alliyah has died. I am so very sad. Let's remember her by posting in this message saying how much you really miss her. I know I will miss her a lot. She was a really talented person. She was too young to pass on. She is now in heaven with the angels.
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she is a dumbnut. [25 Aug 2001|11:37am]

x uncle bob x x: Hello Kelly. How are you doing today?
silleE speD: fine bye
x uncle bob x x: Why?
silleE speD: Why are you typing like an idiot, Tracy?
x uncle bob x x: I am not talking like an idiot.
silleE speD: You are.
x uncle bob x x: I am talking like an adult.
silleE speD: In which you are not.
silleE speD: So stop acting it
x uncle bob x x: You fucking whore.
silleE speD signed off at 11:35:57 AM.
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friends are neat. [24 Aug 2001|10:47am]

Val and Caroline are my bestfriends. <333

Oh and for all you other people that are my friends i <333 you too. I have no idea why I put this message in here for. Ok so anyway, I will start typing like an adult in my journal like everyone else has been doing. Catch ya later alligators.
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